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January 26, 2023 | VIEW IN BROWSER

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The first-grade teacher shot by a 6-year-old texted a warning to a loved one about the boy beforehand, a source says, and new details emerge about the snowplow accident involving actor Jeremy Renner. Plus, why eggs are so expensive right now and how you can deal with surging prices.  

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The school where a 6-year-old boy shot his teacher was warned 3 times the boy had a gun, lawyer says.

The Virginia teacher who was shot by her 6-year-old student on Jan. 6 texted a loved one before she was wounded saying that the boy was armed and that school officials were failing to act, a source close to the situation told NBC News. Abigail Zwerner texted that the student said he had a gun in his backpack and administrators at Richneck Elementary School weren’t helping. Zwerner's attorney said yesterday that three teachers warned the administration about the student on the day of the shooting, but administrators failed to act. Hours later, the Newport News School Board voted to remove the district's superintendent amid the continuing fallout. Here's what we know so far.

Jeremy Renner was trying to stop a snowplow from hitting his nephew when he was crushed, officials say.

A new report released by police details the chain of events before “Hawkeye” star Jeremy Renner was run over by a snowplow on New Year's Day, breaking what he said was more than 30 bones. Renner towed his nephew’s truck out of the snow in Reno, Nevada, when the multi-ton Pistenbully plow started sliding down a hill, the report says. Renner got out without putting on the emergency brake, and the plow started sliding toward his nephew, who was in his truck. Renner then tried to step up on the track to divert the plow or stop it, and “was pulled under the Pistenbully, and the track rolled over him," the report says. It's believed the parking brake would've stopped the plow from moving forward, the report says. Renner, 52, is now out of the hospital recovering from his injuries. 

Today μέιλ πριν από λίγο 32This woman replaced wine with walking, and it changed her life. 

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Pamela Wampler, 53, had been drinking wine in the evenings since she was 40 and didn't see it as a problem. However, stress and a health scare involving her husband soon had her drinking a bottle or two a night and waking up hungover multiple times a week. She was gaining weight and eating poorly, but she still considered herself "just a mom who drinks wine." That was until a doctor's visit resulted in learning she was in the beginning stages of liver failure. She had her last drink in May 2022, and she has used a regular walking routine to support her sobriety. Now 50 pounds lighter, Wampler says sobriety improved her health and helped save her marriage. See her inspiring story here

Today μέιλ πριν από λίγο 32 Here's why are eggs so expensive right now, and how to deal with the surge.  

As one Twitter user aptly joked , we'll likely be "painting potatoes for Easter." You've probably noticed that the price of eggs has skyrocketed, sending the cost of a dozen large eggs to twice what it was last year. So what are the reasons behind the eggflation? Experts say the deadliest avian flu outbreak in history, suspected price gouging by industry leaders, and egg smuggling (yes, that's a thing) at the Mexican border are all contributing factors. And while the memes and egg jokes are entertaining, here's how some are coping with sticker shock, and when prices might go down again

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Finding that perfect pillow to help you get quality sleep can feel like a quest, but then it might only last a few years before it's time for another one. So how often should you replace your pillows? We spoke to Rebecca Robbins, an instructor at Harvard Medical School's Division of Sleep Medicine, about how to decide it's time for new pillows, how to determine which pillow is right for you, and how to clean them properly. One way of extending the life of your pillow is to use a protector, and we have 3 well-reviewed pillow covers to shop right now. We also have 6 pillows for all types of sleepers, so you can rest easy when you're trying to catch some zzz's. 

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Italian cooking icon Lidia Bastianich stopped by the TODAY kitchen to show us how to make her lemon roasted chicken, a simple and homey favorite packed with protein. Save the leftover bones, skin and vegetables in a freezer bag to make chicken stock, which you can use to make a hot bowl of Lidia's stracciatella (Roman egg drop soup). The soup can also be combined with rice, pastina or tortellini for a more hearty meal. Get both recipes.

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It was a Hall of Fame moment between Scott Rolen and his parents after he shared the joyous news that he will be enshrined among the legends of baseball in Cooperstown, N.Y. The former star third baseman for the Phillies, Cardinals and Reds was seen in a touching video sharing the news with his parents that he had been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In the video, Rolen, 47, walks into the kitchen to tell his mother, "I'm in," hugging her tight. Rolen then makes his way to his jubilant father for an emotional embrace. "I can't believe it," his father says. Rolen can look forward to another special moment with mom and dad when he's officially inducted on July 23. Watch the video here.

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